[][src]Struct capnp_futures::Sender

pub struct Sender<M> where
    M: AsOutputSegments
{ /* fields omitted */ }

A handle that allows message to be sent to a WriteQueue.


impl<M> Sender<M> where
    M: AsOutputSegments + 'static, 

pub fn send(&mut self, message: M) -> Box<dyn Future<Item = M, Error = Error>>[src]

Enqueues a message to be written.

pub fn len(&mut self) -> usize[src]

Returns the number of messages queued to be written, not including any in-progress write.

pub fn terminate(
    &mut self,
    result: Result<(), Error>
) -> Box<dyn Future<Item = (), Error = Error>>

Commands the queue to stop writing messages once it is empty. After this method has been called, any new calls to send() will return a future that immediately resolves to an error. If the passed-in result is an error, then the WriteQueue will resolve to that error.

Trait Implementations

impl<M> Drop for Sender<M> where
    M: AsOutputSegments

impl<M> Clone for Sender<M> where
    M: AsOutputSegments

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<M> !Send for Sender<M>

impl<M> Unpin for Sender<M>

impl<M> !Sync for Sender<M>

impl<M> !UnwindSafe for Sender<M>

impl<M> !RefUnwindSafe for Sender<M>

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