[][src]Struct capnp::serialize::SegmentLengthsBuilder

pub struct SegmentLengthsBuilder { /* fields omitted */ }

Helper object for constructing an OwnedSegments or a SliceSegments.


impl SegmentLengthsBuilder[src]

pub fn with_capacity(capacity: usize) -> Self[src]

Creates a new SegmentsLengthsBuilder, initializing the segment_indices vector with Vec::with_capacitiy(capacity). capacity should equal the number of times that push_segment() is expected to be called.

pub fn push_segment(&mut self, length_in_words: usize)[src]

Pushes a new segment length. The nth time (starting at 0) this is called specifies the length of the segment with ID n.

pub fn into_owned_segments(self) -> OwnedSegments[src]

Constructs an OwnedSegments, allocating a single buffer of 8-byte aligned memory to hold all segments.

pub fn into_slice_segments(self, slice: &[u8]) -> SliceSegments[src]

Constructs a SliceSegments, where the passed-in slice is assumed to contain the segments.

pub fn total_words(&self) -> usize[src]

Returns the sum of the lengths of the segments pushed so far.

pub fn to_segment_indices(self) -> Vec<(usize, usize)>[src]

Returns the vector of segment indices. Each entry is a pair (start_word_index, end_word_index). This method primarily exists to enable testing.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for SegmentLengthsBuilder

impl Send for SegmentLengthsBuilder

impl Sync for SegmentLengthsBuilder

impl Unpin for SegmentLengthsBuilder

impl UnwindSafe for SegmentLengthsBuilder

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