[][src]Struct capnp::private::layout::WirePointer

#[repr(C)]pub struct WirePointer { /* fields omitted */ }


impl WirePointer[src]

pub fn kind(&self) -> WirePointerKind[src]

pub fn is_positional(&self) -> bool[src]

pub fn is_capability(&self) -> bool[src]

pub fn target(&self) -> *const u8[src]

pub fn target_from_segment(
    arena: &dyn ReaderArena,
    segment_id: u32
) -> Result<*const u8>

pub fn mut_target(&mut self) -> *mut u8[src]

pub fn set_kind_and_target(&mut self, kind: WirePointerKind, target: *mut u8)[src]

pub fn set_kind_with_zero_offset(&mut self, kind: WirePointerKind)[src]

pub fn set_kind_and_target_for_empty_struct(&mut self)[src]

pub fn inline_composite_list_element_count(&self) -> ElementCount32[src]

pub fn set_kind_and_inline_composite_list_element_count(
    &mut self,
    kind: WirePointerKind,
    element_count: ElementCount32

pub fn far_position_in_segment(&self) -> WordCount32[src]

pub fn is_double_far(&self) -> bool[src]

pub fn set_far(&mut self, is_double_far: bool, pos: WordCount32)[src]

pub fn set_cap(&mut self, index: u32)[src]

pub fn struct_data_size(&self) -> WordCount16[src]

pub fn struct_ptr_count(&self) -> WordCount16[src]

pub fn struct_word_size(&self) -> WordCount32[src]

pub fn set_struct_size(&mut self, size: StructSize)[src]

pub fn set_struct_size_from_pieces(
    &mut self,
    ds: WordCount16,
    rc: WirePointerCount16

pub fn list_element_size(&self) -> ElementSize[src]

pub fn list_element_count(&self) -> ElementCount32[src]

pub fn list_inline_composite_word_count(&self) -> WordCount32[src]

pub fn set_list_size_and_count(&mut self, es: ElementSize, ec: ElementCount32)[src]

pub fn set_list_inline_composite(&mut self, wc: WordCount32)[src]

pub fn far_segment_id(&self) -> SegmentId[src]

pub fn set_far_segment_id(&mut self, si: SegmentId)[src]

pub fn cap_index(&self) -> u32[src]

pub fn set_cap_index(&mut self, index: u32)[src]

pub fn is_null(&self) -> bool[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for WirePointer

impl Send for WirePointer

impl Sync for WirePointer

impl Unpin for WirePointer

impl UnwindSafe for WirePointer

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    T: 'static + ?Sized

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    T: ?Sized

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    T: ?Sized

impl<T> From<T> for T[src]

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