[][src]Trait capnp::private::capability::PipelineHook

pub trait PipelineHook {
    fn add_ref(&self) -> Box<dyn PipelineHook>;
fn get_pipelined_cap(&self, ops: &[PipelineOp]) -> Box<dyn ClientHook>; fn get_pipelined_cap_move(
        ops: Vec<PipelineOp>
    ) -> Box<dyn ClientHook> { ... } }

Required methods

fn add_ref(&self) -> Box<dyn PipelineHook>

fn get_pipelined_cap(&self, ops: &[PipelineOp]) -> Box<dyn ClientHook>

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Provided methods

fn get_pipelined_cap_move(&self, ops: Vec<PipelineOp>) -> Box<dyn ClientHook>

Version of get_pipelined_cap() passing the array by move. May avoid a copy in some cases. Default implementation just calls the other version.

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