[][src]Trait capnp::message::ReaderSegments

pub trait ReaderSegments {
    fn get_segment<'a>(&'a self, idx: u32) -> Option<&'a [Word]>;

    fn len(&self) -> usize { ... }

An object that manages the buffers underlying a Cap'n Proto message reader.

Required Methods

Gets the segment with index idx. Returns None if idx is out of range.

Provided Methods

Gets the number of segments.

Implementations on Foreign Types

impl<'b> ReaderSegments for [&'b [Word]]


impl ReaderSegments for OwnedSegments

impl<'a> ReaderSegments for SliceSegments<'a>

impl<'b> ReaderSegments for SegmentArray<'b>

impl<'s> ReaderSegments for OutputSegments<'s>

impl<A> ReaderSegments for Builder<A> where
    A: Allocator