Enum capnp::ErrorKind [] [src]

pub enum ErrorKind {

The general nature of an error. The purpose of this enum is not to describe the error itself, but rather to describe how the client might want to respond to the error.


Something went wrong. This is the usual error kind. It includes decoding errors.

The call failed because of a temporary lack of resources. This could be space resources (out of memory, out of disk space) or time resources (request queue overflow, operation timed out). The operation might work if tried again, but it should NOT be repeated immediately as this may simply exacerbate the problem.

The call required communication over a connection that has been lost. The callee will need to re-establish connections and try again.

The requested method is not implemented. The caller may wish to revert to a fallback approach based on other methods.

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for ErrorKind

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impl Copy for ErrorKind

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impl Eq for ErrorKind